Product: Towel Steamer

Code: KW530


  • Quick Heating – Deeply clean face towels with the hot towel steamer. It takes only 10 seconds to generate steam and 3 minutes of use to heat your towels up to 85C. With 100C high temperature steam, it gives you soft and clean towels.
  • Timer & Safety Design – This hot towel steamer has a timer that can be set for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. When the set time is reached or there is a lack of water, it will automatically shut off (the green light will turn off) to avoid overheating. This design helps provide safety protection.
  • 3L Large Capacity – Portable towel warmer can be used with grids for space separation. Holds 12 to 16 face size towels or 6 large size towels, also heats sauna stones to suit different needs. Use tongs (not included) to remove the heated items.
  • Multiple Usage – This towel steamer can be used not only for facials, but also for hot compresses and muscle relaxation. It can be used as a hot stone steamer, bath towel warmer, neck warmer, ideal for use in spas, salons, hotels and homes.
  • Portable Design – Easy storage was considered when designing this towel warmer. Easy to disassemble for storage.