Pure Blonde Shampoo with Snail Slime


Pure Blonde Snail Slime SHampoo


Anti-Yellow shampoo with snail slime and vitamin A and C

Anti-yellowing shampoo capable of neutralising yellow pigment and undesired golden highlights. Ideal for bleached, grey, white or salt and pepper hair. Snail slime: ensures a lasting moisturising effect, thanks to the high protein and Vitamin A and C content, calming skin irritaions

  • Eliminates the straw yellow effect
  • Leaves hair bright and soft
  • Calm inflamed scalp
  • Snail slime: nourishing and moisturising is a real supplement for the hair, because it is rich in vitamins, proteins and essential amino acids. It slows down the progressive ageing of the skin, stimulating the formation of collagen and regenerating the tissue. It is also purifying and an antioxidant.

250ml | 1000ml

Pure Blonde Snail Slime SHampoo


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