Product: LIM Hair 15k Devourer Trimmer



The LIM Hair 15k DEVOURER Trimmer is one of the most technologically advanced trimmers on the market. The VECTOR engine type represents an evolution of the well-known magnetic motor with the ATA electronic control system of TORQUE, so that when the cutting load increases the power is increased, changing the cutting speed from 11ooorpm up to 15000rpm.

Blades are DIAMOND finish of maximum hardness and cutting precision.

It has a very high manageability thanks to its very compact size, its very light weight and the upper shape is a narrow neck with 360º vision. Energy consumption is low, and with its state of the art large capacity lithium battery you can work for hours.

Main features:

  • VECTOR magnetic motor
  • DIAMOND DLC Blades
  • Automatic TORQUE Adjustment (ATA)
  • Ultrafast charging with 80% charge in 60 minutes
  • 2000mAh LI ION battery
  • Docking station charger
  • USB charging capability