Product: Kiepe Saloon Hair Dryer

Code: 8313


The Kiepe Saloon hair dryer redefines your drying experience. Surprisingly light, thanks to an ergonomic design and state-of-the-art materials, this hair dryer combines the manoeuvrability of a feather with the power of a hurricane. Despite its lightness, the Saloon Hair Dryer offers an impressive wattage of 2000-2400W, providing exceptional power and powerful airflow for fast and efficient drying.

This hair dryer is not only a powerhouse, but also a technological innovation. Its ion generator leaves hair shiny, silky and free of static electricity. The negative ions work to reduce frizz and seal the cuticle, ensuring your hair is shiny and healthy.

Technical specifications

  • 2000-2400W for fast and effective drying
  • Ergonomic design for unrivalled comfort, even in prolonged use
  • Ion generator
  • 2 nozzles
  • 1 diffuser and 12 spare filter sponges

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