Kiepe Professional Smooth razor

Kiepe Professional has developed the Smooth electronic razor, an innovative product that guarantees a complete shave and a modern look.

Smooth makes shaving fluid, soft and smooth, protecting the skin from redness and irritation. Elegant and innovative design and ergonomic head designed to follow your shave effortlessly.
Also perfect product for professional barbers who want a “WOW” result for the start of their cut -FADE-.

Product use:
The Smooth razor offers many interesting features, such as the possibility of using it dry or in the shower with a shaving foam or gel, cleaning is simple, just place the razor while it is running under a jet of water. water and that’s it.

Product features:
The 3-blade shaving system and the 7,200 rpm motor ensures a clean and long-lasting shave thanks to a constant cutting speed, whatever the thickness of the beard.
The most flexible head
Flexibility is essential to limit the strokes necessary for a precise shave, which is why Smooth is equipped with a flexible head. The head moves in 4 directions and the 3 blades move independently in 4 directions, both vertically and horizontally, following the contours of the face.
Highly durable stainless steel blades are designed to provide years of smooth shaves.

The Smooth razor is designed with highly resistant and super-sharp internal blades capable of shaving the thickest beard with a minimum number of passes to not irritate the skin and leave it smooth and soft to the touch.
The Smooth razor features a side trimmer with sharp durable stainless steel blades, our trimmer is designed to prepare your beard for shaving and take care of the smallest details.

Sharp and precise, it was made with practicality in mind. 

Code: 6520

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