Product: Kiepe Excellence detangler / shampoo brush retail stand of 12 pcs + 1 tester

Code: B-140/202

Colour: Gold, bronze, silver, black

Description: Product designers and hair professionals have worked together to develop new unique products: Kiepe Professional detangling brushes, highly functional yet elegant. They are available in four different colours.

One of the most visible features of the Excellence detangling brush is the ventilation slot in the centre of the brush: the hot air of the hair dryer can easily and quickly escape from the crack without stressing the hair. The back of the hair will not be damaged during styling. Here’s how to untangle and dry your hair without stress!

The structure of the bristles has been studied to “chess layout”, composed of long bristles and short bristles arranged together. This particular combination allows a delicate untangling of all types of hair.

The shape has been designed to massage the scalp and untangle at the same time, without causing any pain or stress. By using these brushes every day it is possible to increase relaxation, health and well-being.

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