Product: Kiepe Aquos Brush

Size: 53mm

Code: 5753


Kiepe brushes are realised with anti-bacterial materials using Nano Silver technology with ceramic covering and elements to prevent static electricity.

During hair straightening the pipe ceramic allows a better thermal conduction avoiding damaging the scalp. The ceramic is a non metallic mineral, chemically crystallised through a high pressure and high temperature treatment called bio-ceramic which prevents hair from breaking and curling.

The Kiepe Aquos brushes use the beneficial effects of negative ions.

The ionic Kiepe Aquos brushes give a sensation of freshness during use which lessen hair tension and wearing. In particular the square pipe is an innovative system to smooth, wave and crimp the hair: the flat part can be used to smooth, the round profile can be used to wave and to create volume and the whole brush can be used to crimp.

The bristles and the body of Kiepe brushes are realised with Nano Silver technology (Ag+) with rounded points, which don’t scratch the scalp. Using this new technology Kiepe offers high quality brushes for hair health and for perfect styling.

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