Product: Acca Kappa Wavy Cone Brush

Colour: Grey

Description: The cone shape allows a gradual waving of the locks over the whole length, for a more modern, fresher style than classic ringlet. Enhanced bristles on a longer barrel: the brush can handle larger vertical sections of hair. Hair styling turns quicker with WAVY: it can be used on wet hair, drying and curling it at once. The hairstyle last much longer: being less sensitive to moisture, the locks maintain their full well-defined waving. Moreover, a low-temperature drying is healthier for the hair, preserving it’s natural hydration and gloss.

How To Use: With the cone facing upwards: The brush works more intensely on the hair root. The locks get a gradual waving in their width, with a soft effect on the tips.

With the cone facing downwards: The hair root gets a softer effect, gradually thinning the locks down on the tips.

Code: AK2430G

Details: Length: 34.5cm. Diameter: 46/22mm – 30/14mm

Acca Kappa